Physical Health

Physical wellbeing has a big impact on how we feel, so keeping yourself and your family active during Covid-19 will go a long way in maintaining your physical and mental health.
Your portal includes hundreds of tailor-made fitness, yoga and meditation exercise classes which can be done at home.
You can also find some great videos for both you and your family in this section and on YouTube

Featured Videos

PE with Joe Wicks

Daily workouts for you and the family from Joe Wicks, The Body Coach

Yoga with Adriene

This yoga practice is perfect for beginners but also nice for those looking for a slow and mindful back to basics class

Fitness and Health Resources


Providing the blueprint to simple healthy living.
Information and tools that will help you make better health and fitness choices

Provider of trustworthy health information, empowering readers with practical strategies to improve their physical, mental, and emotional well-being

Cosmic Kids Yoga

Yoga, mindfulness and relaxation designed specially for kids
 Click here to visit the channel

Planet Fitness

FREE Home Work-Ins for anyone and everyone

Click here to visit the channel

For information, tools and resources to support mental and emotional health, please see our Mental Wellbeing section.
For information, tools and resources to support your diet and nutrition, please see our Food and Nutrition Section.
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