Month: April 2020

Productivity-Increasing Mind Hacks – Part 3

Welcome to the third and final part of our Productivity-Increasing Mind Hacks. Mind Hack #19: Don’t Put in That Over-Time More hours do not always equal more results!  Far from it, in fact, when you’re dealing with the brain. Because there’s definitely a point of diminishing returns with quality cerebral output.  And don’t forget the[…]

Productivity-Increasing Mind Hacks – Part 1

Productivity-Increasing Mind Hacks to Get Work Done While Stuck at Home The Key to Cracking the Whip on Your Mind for Better Home-Based Results? Getting productive is about setting up mental frameworks that make productivity easy.  And that condition your mind to thrive in any environment.  Essentially, you have to “outsmart” your subconscious mind if[…]

How to look after your emotional health during Coronavirus

We are all currently experiencing highly unnerving times, during which we are likely to be worried about our own and our loved ones’ safety, whilst also feeling physically and financially challenged. Our mental – and physical – health depends upon meeting our emotional needs in healthy ways. This helps keep stress levels low and allows[…]

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